Cyprian Orisons Prayer Book of the Order of Saint Cyprian of Antioch

The Order of Saint Cyprian

The Order of Saint Cyprian of Antioch is an uncloistered and dispersed Esoteric Christian religious Order, composed of women and men, ordained and lay, single and married, oriented toward spiritual growth via the practices of Theurgy and Thaumaturgy as understood and practiced through the charism of Saint Cyprian of Antioch. Members seek contemporary meaning in traditional forms of magic and prayer, combining the rich traditions of the past with an exploration of contemporary mysticism and ritual.

The Order offers those living in the world an opportunity to experience the support of a like-minded community in developing a personal, esoterically oriented spiritual life without necessitating a break with family or worldly ties.

Cyprian Orisons

From the beginning of the Order, we have centered ourselves in God and deepened our commitment to the charism of our patron through the daily practice of personal and communal prayer. Prayer together also affords us an opportunity to strengthen our bonds with one another in our common vocation. Our shared prayer centers us in the paschal mystery, opens us to the needs of the world, and strengthens us for mission. This book has been prepared as a resource to enhance our individual and communal prayer.

The church's year provides a cycle of seasons and a cycle of feasts that focus our attention on the principal mysteries of our faith. Praying in the spirit of these seasons and feasts unites us with the faithful throughout the world.

Furthermore, the church's day is structured around morning and evening prayer, as are the prayer texts in this volume. Night prayer offers another opportunity to return to our Source.

This volume provides a framework for prayer that can be adapted to various needs and circumstances. The framework chosen is that of the cathedral office, an ancient form of church prayer that predates the monastic office.

Because it was intended for use by the laity, it is briefer and less complex than the monastic office. In any case there is sufficient richness to satisfy a variety of needs.

Morning and evening prayer invite us to a way of praying that involves the whole person — body, mind, and spirit. There are a number of ways to enhance communal prayer by incorporating sacred space and gesture.

In Christian thought the principle of sacramentality places a high priority on the involvement of the senses in worship. Creation of a sacred space in which the community may gather assists the act of worship. Attention to environment and ambience enriches and focuses our prayer. Incorporation of liturgical symbols and Sacramentals such as water, light, and incense brings together the transcendent and immanent aspects of worship.

Traditionally, the Saturday evening office highlights the Easter symbolism by the lighting of candles or lamps.

Prayerful gestures such as bowing, extending hands in blessing and other movements also enhance communal prayer.

In a celebration in common or in individual recitation the essential structure of this liturgy remains the same, that is, it is a conversation between man and the Divine.